Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kerosene Cucumbers

Andy: I can't get started this morning...just let me drink my coffee...sit down and have some toast and jelly or something.
Barney: Believe I will. (opens dish of marmalade, smells a weird smell) You doin' some painting in here?
Andy: (smells it, too.) No, probably just some glue Opie's using on a model airplane.
Barney: (spreading the pungent marmalade on his toast) Doesn't smell like glue to me, smells more like ammonia!
Andy: You don't reckon that gas stove's leaking, do you?
Barney: Don't know...(starts to eat his toast) Found it!
(points at jar, has Andy smell, quickly closes it)
Andy Aunt Bee was workin' in here yesterday! (goes to cupboard and finds several jars of "ammonia marmalade" instead of "kerosene cucumbers")
Barney: Aunt Bee's making marmalade now!
Andy: Well, don't just stand there, go get the suitcase!

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